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Carlos Baez noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good Korean restaurant in Levallois! Quality food and impeccable service. I'll be back. (Original) Très bon restaurant coréen a Levallois ! Plats de qualité et un service impeccable. Je reviendrai.

1 year ago
Yoel Baranes noted on Google

(Translated by Google) It was really good (Original) C'était très bon

1 year ago
Geoffrey Mercieux noted on Google

1 year ago
Moab 95 noted on Google

1 year ago
Caroline noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Awesome ! Great Korean restaurant, it was delicious. Warm welcome and attentive service. I highly recommend! (Original) Génial ! Super restaurant Coréen, c'était délicieux. Accueil chaleureux et service aux petit soins. Je conseille vivement !

1 year ago
Vianou noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Hearty dishes, really good. Service at the top, a little slow because the waitress is new but the courtesy and the smile fill. It can only get better! (Original) Plats copieux, vraiment bon. Service au top, un peu lent car la serveuse est nouvelle mais la courtoisie et le sourire comblent. Cela ne peut que s'ameliore !

1 year ago
Kenz Heribi noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Bibimbap beef at the top, I find the kimchi a bit expensive but the food is very good and the service is at the top (Original) Bibimbap boeuf au top, je trouve le kimchi un peu cher mais la nouriturre est très bonne et le service est au top

1 year ago
Sophie Guilmo noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Every dish is delicious. (Original) Chaque plat est délicieux.

1 year ago
Venancio Karen noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I've eaten there several times and never been disappointed. Very good, plentiful and perfect service. Really nice team. Very happy to have a good Korean restaurant in Levallois. (Original) Déjà plusieurs fois que j'y mange et jamais déçu. Très bon, copieux et service parfait. Équipe vraiment sympa. Très contente d'avoir un bon resto coréen sur Levallois.

1 year ago
jaemin MUN noted on Google

(Translated by Google) So far, whenever I go to a Korean restaurant run by a Chinese person, I've only seen a poorly imitated level, poor quality, and a bizarre hybrid of Korean + Chinese food, but for the first time here, I was quite impressed by the surprisingly good quality. However, there are some things that need to be improved, but it is a restaurant that has the potential to be better than most restaurants run by Koreans. The interior of the store is neat, but it seems that the dining seats in the store need to be rearranged a little. Kimchi Jeon: It was empty because there was only kimchi, but I used kimchi that was not bad and it was good to eat. If you add other vegetables such as green onions, the taste will be average compared to other Korean restaurants. Chicken: The seasoned chicken base sauce is quite delicious, but it fails in the sweetness ratio. The fried chicken was crispy and tasty, which was surprisingly good. Soy garlic would also be delicious if you reduce the sweetness a little and add a little more garlic. Stir-fried pork: The base sauce was delicious. However, the sweetness is a bit strong.. Those who like sweet stir-fried pork will definitely like it. Jajangmyeon: To be honest, I only ate about 3 chopsticks. I don't like leaving food even if it's not tasty, so I tend to eat it all the way to the end with the thought of not coming back, but I couldn't eat this because the jjajang sauce was as sweet as the taste. It was the only thing on the menu that I couldn't eat. It's almost suspicious that saccharin was poured in... But the base sauce is still delicious. If you really adjust the sweetness ratio, you can get to the level of Chinese restaurants in Korea. Overall: About 3 stars in terms of food alone, but it was the best among the Korean restaurants run by Chinese people I've tasted so far. In particular, the owner listened carefully to food feedback and didn't charge the price for jajangmyeon, so I added 1 star and got a total of 4 stars. All the base sauces are delicious, so there is potential, and the restaurant shows potential with the owner's mind. Willing to revisit if things improve. (Original) 지금껏 중국사람이 운영하는 한식당을 가끔 갈 떄마다 어설프게 흉내낸 수준에 형편없는 퀄리티, 한식+중식을 기괴하게 섞어놓은 혼종만 보다가 이곳에서 처음으로 의외로 좋은 퀄리티에 상당히 인상 깊었음. 다만 개선 해야 할 점들이 보이는데 충분히 웬만한 한국인이 운영하는 식당보다 나아 질 수 있는 가능성이 보이는 식당임. 매장 인테리어는 깔끔한 편이나 매장 내 식사 좌석들을 조금 재배치가 필요할 것 같음. 김치전: 김치만 있어서 허전했으나 김치를 나쁘지 않은 걸 써서 먹을만 했음. 파같은 기타 야채를 넣으면 다른 한식당 과 평균적인 맛은 나올듯. 치킨 : 양념치킨 베이스 소스는 상당히 맛있는 소스인데 단맛 비율에서 실패. 치킨도 바삭하고 맛있게 튀겨서 의외로 괜찮았음. 소이갈릭도 단맛 조금 줄이고 마늘을 조금 더 넣으면 맛있을 듯. 제육볶음 : 역시 베이스 소스는 맛있었음. 다만 또 단맛이 다소 강함.. 단맛 제육볶음 좋아하시는 분 들은 딱 좋아하실 맛. 짜장면 : 솔직히 거의 3 젓가락 정도 밖에 못 먹음. 어지간 해선 맛없어도 음식 남기는걸 좋아하지 않아서 다시 오지말자는 생각으로 끝까지 다 먹는 편인데 이건 짜장소스가 맛탕수준으로 달아서 도저히 못 먹음. 이날 시킨 메뉴 중에서 유일하게 다 못 먹음. 사카린을 부었나 의심스러울정도...하지만 베이스 소스는 역시 맛있는 맛임. 단맛비율만 진짜 조절 잘 하면 웬만한 한국에 있는 중국집 수준은 가능. 종합 : 음식만 놓고 보면 3개 정도의 별점 하지만 지금껏 맛본 중국 분이 운영하는 한식당 중에선 가장 나았고 특히 사장님께서 음식 피드백을 귀를 기울여 들어주시고 짜장면 값은 받지 않은거 에서 별 1개 추가로 총 4개 별점. 베이스 소스들은 전부 맛있어서 가능성이 있고 사장님의 마인드와 함께 잠재력이 보이는 식당 개선만 된다면 재 방문 의사 있음.

1 year ago

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